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MCC Partners with AE

The decision for MCC to forge this alliance with AE and their Benefits Trust is a strategic decision. It is based on experienced analysis of the best data available. One data point is the AE Benefit Trust can offer significant value over competing insurance companies with much higher administrative costs. Associated Employers Benefit Trust is a Montana-based health plan with decades of experience of providing high-quality, affordable health and wellness benefits to Montanans.

The AE Benefit Plan is a self-funded trust, operated as a member benefit for qualifying members of AE. There are no “owners” or “stockholders” expecting a return on investment or “profit”. All savings from administration and provider contracts are returned to participating members in the form of rate stabilization and maintenance of required reserves. A large advantage of the AE Benefits Trust is that the cost of administration is less than 10%, meaning over 90 cents of every dollar is available for benefit payments, stop loss protection and additions to reserves. Insurance carriers have historically operated at over 20% administrative costs.

Change can be exciting, innovative and rewarding, all of which we anticipate as the Montana Chamber endorses the Associated Employers Benefit Trust. Together, AE and MCC will continue their traditions of innovation to help Montana businesses by offering more “firsts” in Montana, such as a private exchange with a defined contribution approach. We believe the AE-Bright Choices Private Exchange will compete, and in most cases, outperform the federally facilitated exchanges.

The impact of the Affordable Care Act and the constantly changing healthcare marketplace in Montana requires us all to be at our best, as we make strategic decisions regarding our companies and the manner in which we provide benefits to retain and recruit valued employees. With Associated Employers strengths in HR & Benefits and the Montana Chambers strengths in providing a pro-business climate and advocacy, together we will continue to fight hard to help businesses succeed. Call us now for a more information or a quote. 406-248-6224.

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