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Warning! MT DOL SCAM

Montana state DOL warns employers of account information scam

Montana’s Department of Labor and Industry is warning employers of a scam targeting Montana employers. The state agency has taken calls from employers who have received a letter allegedly from the Department of Labor requesting banking information noting that automatic withdrawals begin March 1. Neither the U.S. Department of Labor nor the Montana Department of Labor and Industry’s Unemployment Insurance Division have sent any letters out to employers asking for their banking information, the state DOL stressed. The Department of Labor and Industry does not call or mail unsolicited requests for banking information.

The recent scam is the third in less than six months seeking information from employers in the state. “What makes this even more frustrating is the scammers are posing as the Department of Labor, and employers naturally want to comply with the information request,” said state labor commissioner Pam Bucy, who advised employers not to give out banking information to unsolicited requests. Bucy urged any Montana employer receiving a fraudulent request to call the Montana UID fraud investigator.