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In today’s competitive labor market, attracting qualified candidates and hiring successful employees can be more of a challenge than ever. AE has Human Resource professionals who can work in partnership with you to assist in meeting these objectives.

AE can provide training and information to help you identify, utilize and evaluate a variety of recruiting methods and sources to reach potential candidates. We can guide your hiring team in identifying the skills and personal qualities needed for a successful new hire, and we can train those responsible for the interviewing process.

At AE, we partner with your organization to help recruit and hire the best qualified candidates by providing several recruitment and selection related services:

  • Assist in the development of the job description, advertisement copy, and placement of ads.
  • Evaluate candidate qualifications in resume and application pre-screening.
  • Conduct phone interviews.
  • Conduct in-depth, structured interviews on- or off-site.
  • Conduct reference checks and/or background investigations.
  • Assist in evaluation of candidates’ qualifications and final selection.
  • Ensure that your organization’s hiring process complies with all employment related Federal and State regulations.

Our Human Resources Professionals will collaborate with your organization to ensure that we understand your requirements and methods, and will provide you with feedback and progress reports. We can work on your site as part of your Human Resources Department or perform the duties from our office.

For more information about AE’s Recruiting and Staffing Services, please call the AE at 406-248-6178.