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Executive & Manager Coaching

manager_coachingStudies show that coaching delivers three to five times the return on the investment of time and money. Your organization’s leaders are the key ingredient for achieving organizational success. The actions of your company’s leaders directly influence the performance, morale, level of engagement, and motivation of your employees. Leaders who don’t engage in effective leadership can adversely affect the profitability and effectiveness of your organization.

To help managers and executives make effective contributions to their organizations, AE provides Performance Coaching for employees in management or executive level positions. Coaching is an intense, structured, one on one relationship aimed at changing or improving some aspect of a leader’s current or future performance/behavior. It is designed to fit the specific needs of the individual and the organization.

 What Performance Coaching Provides

 The Process of Performance Coaching

Coaching engagements typically last three to six months

 Reasons to Coach: