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Strategic Planning

Associated Employers provides planning services to assist in moving your workplace forward by planning for the future you want to create. Whether this is your first time venturing into the daunting waters of strategic planning or you are looking for ways to bring new life and enthusiasm to a strategic planning process, AE planners can help you create strategic plans that will effectively guide your organization to achieving its vision.

The future should not be a vague concept and strategy should not be a daunting task. Additionally, Strategic Planning is not something done only when times or profitability are bad. No matter how good or bad it is, it’s going to change. A good strategy will help you anticipate and focus on possibilities.

How does AE help you develop a plan? Our planners carefully work with your planning team to consider:

  1.  strategic_planningStrategic Analysis of the various driving forces in the environment like market segments, competitors, technology, regulations, economics and operational efficiency. Planners also look at the various strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats regarding the organization.
  2. Setting Strategic Direction include actions and deliverables like mission, vision, values, long range strategic goals (where we want to go) which identify specific measures, and finally short-term objectives (how we get there) that are tied to a specific long range strategy
  3. Action Planning is carefully laying out how the strategic goals will be accomplished.  Action planning includes specifying responsibilities and timelines with each objective, or who needs to do what and by when. It should also include methods to monitor and evaluate the plan, which includes knowing how the organization will know who has done what and by when.
  4. Follow-up is the part of the process that sets Associated Employers apart from other organizations offering strategic planning. Monthly follow-up sessions are built into the first twelve months after planning to ensure that targets are being met. Then annual planning sessions are conducted to review the plan and process. This entire process ensures that AE’s members are getting the best possible planning services available.


“We have received outstanding support from Associated Employers for both management training and company strategic planning. We have learned so much to help us grow and be successful, and we look forward to our continued relationship with this great professional organization.”

– Paradise Dental Technologies
I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation yesterday and I learned a lot, which coming from someone who’s been working for over 50 years that’s quite an accomplishment. Your style was very engaging; everyone in the room was very attentive.

- Mike Connell, Karst Stage