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Customized Training

Bring Associated Employers’ expansive list of topics and content to your people.  AE’s training classes can be customized to your workplace culture and delivered on-site.

I think joining Associated Employers & MSSC was one of the best moves we\'ve made in a while. Everybody is very knowledgeable & helpful on every issue I have approached you with. If you don\'t know the answer, you know where to steer me. Again, \"thank you\".

Bob Dupree, Safety Trainer, Cross Petroleum Service

We here at Hanser\'s are not only thankful for your services that you provide each year, but are also very proud to be a member of such an outstanding organization! Your people there have been a tremendous help to us in many different cases. I suppose what I admire the most is that, when you say you will research something and call me back, you actually do!! That says a lot in today\'s world! I wish us both great success this year!

Thank you, Kimmer Stratton, Hanser\'s Automotive & Wr
Thank you for the most useful, educational, enjoyable, engaging, and indispensable training I have had the pleasure to be involved in. Our supervisors use the information you have provided on a consistent basis. You have given the agency a foundation for how to supervise, which has strengthened our unique culture, which we hold dear.

Derinda Gurley, Human Resources Manager
- District 7 Human Resources Development Council, Billings
I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation yesterday and I learned a lot, which coming from someone who’s been working for over 50 years that’s quite an accomplishment. Your style was very engaging; everyone in the room was very attentive. I’ve worked with you many times, it’s comforting to know that an HR professional is just a call or email away when we need help.

- Mike Connell
We have received outstanding support from Associated Employers for both management training and company strategic planning. We have learned so much to help us grow and be successful, and we look forward to our continued relationship with this great professional organization.”

– Anna Landers, COO Paradise Dental Technologies
I recently had the pleasure of working with AE on our 2012 Affirmative Action Program. Your knowledge, expertise and timeliness made it an informative and pleasurable experience and I appreciate her efficiency in completing the project for us.

Steve Salke, HR Director, Corporate Air
Thank you for facilitating Workplace Communications at our Leadership Academy. Your presentation was well received and rated very high on our survey. Many attendees suggested a longer session from you next year. Thank you so much.

Christine R. Shandy, PPL Montana, Human Resources

Reasons for Customized On-Site Training


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