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Policy & Procedures

Employee Handbooks

policy_proceduresAn employee handbook is an important communication document between you and your employees. It provides a written record and reference for many aspects of the employer/employee relationship. It is also acts as a standard for managing workplace behavior necessary to maintain a good working relationship with employees.

If your company already has an employee handbook, AE can review it to provide recommendations and suggest possible changes.  We recommend having your handbook reviewed every two to three years.

If your company does not have a handbook, or your handbook is in need of a major update, the time and expertise needed to complete that project can be rather overwhelming.  Our professional staff can draft one for you and work with you to make the final document one that complies with complex federal and state laws, and also reflecting your company’s unique philosophies.

Job Descriptions

Job descriptions are extremely important in many areas of the employment relationship.  They are an essential tool in:

We can assist you in developing effective job descriptions that will provide information that is vital in all of the above areas.

Members have access to sample job descriptions and a Position Description Questionnaire in the Members Only section of AE’s website.

For assistance in developing or reviewing job descriptions, call one of our HR Professionals today at 406-248-6178.