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HR Partnering

hr_partneringMany organizations do not have adequate human resource support. Some cannot afford a full-time HR manager or are not able to hire the caliber of professional they need. Others do not have sufficient HR staff to handle sudden increases in workload or maintain services during staff leaves of absences or after resignations. If any of these situations have occurred in your organization, you now have a resource to help you.

Your organization may benefit from years of experience by tapping into Associated Employers’ staff of human resource professionals. HR Partnering offers an immediate, affordable solution to your HR challenges and is available for projects, temporary assignments and comprehensive HR outsourcing.

Designed to provide you with flexibility, efficiency and a proven return on investment, HR Partners is customizable to meet the needs of your organization.
On-Site Human Resources professionals are available to perform and/or oversee professional human resources functions at your worksite.

How we function in the HR Partners Role

  • For special projects that don’t necessitate adding staff.
  • When an HR staff member is on vacation, leave, or transitioning out of the organization.
  • When you don’t need a full-time HR presence.
  • To develop an inexperienced HR staff member’s skills and abilities.
  • To outsource tactical duties so you can focus on more strategic issues.
  • To address temporary peaks in workload volumes

Examples of what we do

  • Overseeing and completing day-to-day human resources professional functions
  • Starting a Human Resources department
  • Employee relations
  • Organizational staffing ramp-ups
  • Recruiting executive, technical, and professional personnel
  • Managing periods of organizational change such as mergers and acquisitions or re-organizations
  • Performance management systems
  • Workflow and staffing analyses
  • Job descriptions
  • Compensation plans
  • Personnel records management
  • Employee Handbooks
  • Human Resources policies and procedures
  • Benefits enrollment and communications
  • Human Resources strategic planning and organizational alignment

AE’s Human Resource Professionals (HRP’s) are experienced HR Generalists, Managers, Directors and Vice Presidents who can step in and seamlessly take on your Human Resource needs. They serve as a confidential extension of your organization’s culture and leadership. All of our professionals are employees of AE and thrive on working with member companies in diverse industry sectors. You choose the number of hours and length of time you want assistance. There are no contracts – we flex to meet your needs.