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Customer Satisfaction Surveys

You know customer satisfaction is essential to the survival of our businesses. How do you find if your customers are satisfied or dissatisified? The best way to find whether your customers are satisfied is to ask them. AE can design a customer satisfaction survey specific to your organization and your customers. The survey can help you measure customers’ perceptions and determine what action is required to meet your customers’ needs. The survey will identify your strengths and weaknesses, compare your organization to the competition, establish a baseline for future progress, and present specific ideas for improvement.

An effective customer satisfaction survey program should focus on measuring customer perceptions of how well the company delivers on the critical success factors and dimensions of the business. These usually include factors like service promptness, staff responsiveness, and understanding of the customer’s problem.

When you conduct a customer satisfaction survey, what you ask the customers is important. How, when, and how often you ask these questions are also important. However, the most important thing about conducting a customer satisfaction survey is what you do with their answers.

Let us help you determine your specific needs:

  • Identify survey objectives
  • Type of survey (online, phone, mail, or focus group)
  • Topics for questions
  • Develop the questions
  • Customers to survey/sampling
  • Demographic categories
  • Response rate for validity

AE administers the survey, produces a comprehensive report, and meets with management to review and discuss the results. Your customer satisfaction report includes:

  • Professional analysis and interpretation
  • Easy-to-read tabulated data and color charts
  • Verbatim customer comments
  • Recommendations to increase customer satisfaction

After the report, AE can help put the survey results into practice:

  • Develop a strategic action plan for customer retention
  • Communicate the results to employees and customers
  • Implement your plan to increase customer satisfaction

Benefits of Using AE Survey Services

  • Satisfied customers
  • Increase in revenue
  • A competitive edge
  • Cost savings by retaining customers