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Employee Opinion Surveys

Are your employees, that you can least afford to lose, highly engaged and satisfied? Recent national studies show 1 in 3 high-potentials reported feeling disengaged from their company, and in general over 1/2 of the workforce is now unsatisfied with their job. Employees’ opinions have been proven to directly impact productivity, quality, morale and retention. The results of an employee opinion survey can provide your organization with:

An Employee Opinion Survey is one of the few effective ways an employer can discover and analyze its organizational climate. Done correctly, it allows employees to voice concerns an employer might otherwise never become aware of and allows them to do so in a safe, anonymous and confidential environment. When the survey results are correctly benchmarked against appropriate norms an employer can determine the importance of concerns expressed. Done periodically, it can measure an organization’s progress in the critical area of employee relations.

Because we conduct a large number of surveys each year, we also give you valuable insight on how management could respond to issues raised. The EOS measures satisfaction in these areas:

Standard Measures

  • Top Management
  • Pay and Employee Benefits
  • Supervisory Effectiveness
  • Working and Safety Conditions
  • Communications and Recognition
  • Employment Security and Promotion
  • Employee Relations

Custom Measures

  • Business Strategy & Direction
  • Goal Alignment
  • Customer Focus
  • Employee Retention
  • Quality of Life/Work/Life Balance

Once the analysis is complete, Associated Employers can assist the member in understanding the input provided by its employees, as well as the options the employer has in addressing specific items of concern that may require correction. Associated Employers is available to develop and implement corrective action plans.